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National Historical and Architectural Museum “Kyiv Fortress”

   National Historical and Architectural Museum “Kyiv Fortress” is succeed of museum “Kosoj caponier”, which was founded in 1930 as branch of museum of revolution, from 1940 worked as branch of State historical museum. In 1991 borough council of people's deputies of Kiev passed a resolution to rename “Kosoj caponier” to Historical and Architectural monument-museum “Kyiv Fortress”. In 2007 President of Ukraine conferred a status “National” to Historical and Architectural monument-museum “Kyiv Fortress”.

   National Historical and Architectural museum “Kyiv Fortress” is unique museum complex that have more than 10 hectares of area, created on the base of Hospital fortification which consists of exposition "The history of fortification in Ukraine" and exposition "The history of usage facilities of the Kyiv fortress” and exposition in the open air with defensive ramparts, wall and caponiers and also the biggest in Europe Lisogorskiy fort with area than 118,7 hectares in Golosievskiy district of Kiev.

   Museum “Kyiv Fortress” is not only museum of fortification but also connected with history of civil liberation movements in Ukraine. 

    Museum plays very important role in cultural and educational life of capital. It is important object of tourism visiting. In 2011 got finalist certificate of participating share “7 wonders of Ukraine”.

   Main directions of work of museum are: scientific-research, cultural and educational, fund and protection of heritage. Main aim of monument-museum is learning and using of cultural monuments, protection and popularization of historical and cultural heritage, education in the spirit of patriotism, devotion itself independent Ukraine, respectful attitude to her history, help itself national and inner development.










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