For adults and children there is a sightseeing tour of the museum:

"History of the use of the buildings of the Kiev fortress" («Kosoj Caponier») and by exposure "History of national fortification" (Kaponir №2)

Thematic excursions are also conducted:

"Shots from the past"

The tour "Shots from the Past" offers to "visit the atmosphere" of Kyiv in the early twentieth century: on September 1, 1911, the Prime Minister of the Russian Empire, Peter Arkadyevich Stolypin, was mortally wounded at the City Theater. The name of the murderer D. Bogrov, as well as the name of Herostratus, has not been forgotten, but has remained in historical memory - and not only on papers, but also on the bricks of the ancient masonry of the escarpment wall. The tour will take place in the walls of the former «Kosoj Caponier» prison; you will see a suicide carriage, look at chronic footage "The funeral of P.A. Stolypin" Duration of the tour - 1 hour


"Arrest companies"

Excursion about the creation of Arrest companies and their use on hard labor in the Kiev fortress. The tour is conducted on the territory of the Old and New Pechersk Fortress. Duration: 3 hours

   Cultural and educational programs are additionally held for children

Walk with Baron Munchausen

Під час інтерактивної екскурсії "Прогулянка з Бароном і Баронесою фон Мюнхгаузен"

Maskam Rad Theater and Kyiv Fortress to order present an interactive tour of the Kiev Fortress "Walk with the Baron and Baroness von Munchausen"

The beginning of the tour in the theater and exhibition hall of the administrative building, 1st floor In the excursion program:

* We are watching an exclusive film "Baron Munchausen in the Kiev Fortress" about the adventures of the real, not the legendary Baron Munchausen

* We dance with Baroness Munchausen

* We walk around the Kiev Fortress with Baron Munchausen and a guide

Карл Фрідріх Іеронім фон Мюнхгаузен. м. Брукнер, 1752

Secrets of «Kosoj Caponier»


Maskam Rad Theater and Kyiv Fortress to order present an interactive tour of the Kiev Fortress "SECRETS OF THE «Kosoj Caponier»

In the excursion program:

* Listen to an interactive radio tour of the «Kosoj Caponier»

* We go to the cells for political prisoners of the «Kosoj Caponier», touch the things of political prisoners who kept their spirit

* We listen to and ask the Museum guide about the history of the «Kosoj Caponier»