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02.01-20.01.2021                Virtual walk around the "Kiev Fortress" (slide show)


11.01-25.01.2021                 Online photo exhibition dedicated to the days of memory of                                                   defenders Donetsk airport


18.01-31.01.2021                 To the Day of Remembrance of those killed in the January                                                     uprising of 1863. Arthur Grotger's online art exhibition "A.                                                     Grotger - a rebellious artist who painted the revolution"


22.01-31.01.2021                 To the Day of Unity of Ukraine photo exhibition "United                                                           Ukraine" VI exposition together with KO NSFHU (online)


28.01.2021                            Evenings on a farm near Pechersk or Gogoldens

                                               (together with Joycens Ancient Dance Studio)


29.01.2021                            To the Day of Remembrance of Kruty heroes online lecture

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