The National Historical and Architectural Museum “Kyiv Fortress” includes some fortifications of the New Pechersk Fortress and Lysohirskyi Fort.

   The Museum exposition is located in the restored part of the Hospital defenses built according to the polygonal system in 1836-1851.


   The polygonal system is characterized by a front made up of ramparts built at an obtuse angle and defended from caponiers.

   The defensive line of the Hospital defenses was divided into sections called firing fields. In total, there were only three firing fields - I, II, and III, as well as the Northern and Southern fronts. Five caponiers were built to defend the fronts. Four caponiers were at the bottom of a moat and the fifth was located on the glacis (a flat mound in front of the moat) and was placed at an angle to the moat due to which the caponier was named the Slanting Caponier. All caponiers represented a vaulted structure used to conduct flanking fire in two opposite directions, whereas the Slanting Caponier could additionally conduct frontal fire.

   Currently, the Slanting Caponier houses the exposition “History of the use of Kyiv Fortress buildings" and the exhibition "From the cannonball to the projectile”. The caponier of firing field II houses the exhibition “History of fortifications on the territory of Ukraine”. The caponier of firing field I of the Hospital defenses has been conserved. Currently, repair and restoration works are being carried out on Tower No. 4. The Museum also owns the Spasskyi bastion of Kyiv-Pechersk Fortress.


    Lysohirskyi Fort was built in 1871-1877 after the designs by Eduard Totleben. The fort was located at a distance of three kilometers from the New Pechersk Fortress and was intended to defend the railway connection with the left bank of the Dnieper River. The fort consisted of two parts - the main fortification and a redoubt. The redoubt is shaped like a lunette, with the main fortification being made up of two bastion and one polygonal fronts. The fort was designed only for artillery. The defensive line on the Dnieper River side was not closed.

    Currently, the fort territory belongs to NIAM "Kyiv Fortress" and is a regional landscape park "Lysa Hora".

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