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Фрагмент вистави "Ніч напередодні Різдва"

A fragment of the play "The Night Before Christmas" based on the novel by Nikolai Gogol.


The Photo by Valery Leshchinsky

In 2013, NIAM "Kyiv Fortress" together with the NGO "International Socio-Cultural Project" Joyfest "(Maskam Rad Theater) launched the project" Theatrical Weekend in Kyiv Fortress ". A diverse repertoire, performances for different audiences, including different age audiences, allow to spread interest in the Kyiv Fortress as a Museum, a historical and architectural complex and a powerful multicultural center, where various and educational cultural events take place.

A fragment of the play "Donut" based on a short story by Guy de Maupassant

Фрагмент вистави "Пампушка"  за новелою Гі де Мопассана
Фрагмент вистави "Ведмідь" Антона Чехова

A fragment of Anton Chekhov's performance "The Bear" 

The Photo by Oscar Jansons

A fragment of the performance "Cattle Yard" by J. Orwell

The Photo by Marina Kutsenko

Фрагмент вистави "Скотний двір" за повістю Дж.Орвелла
Після вистави "Дні Турбіних" Михайла Булгакова

After the performance "Days of Turbines" by Mikhail Bulgakov


The Photo by Marina Kutsenko

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